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  • Document the entire Croatian coast (islands and land) on film in HD technique,
  • store the material in the State Archives in Rijeka and the Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia
  • Enable public viewing of recordings on


The coast is recorded from a sailboat cruising at speed of 8 knots 70 meters away from the coast. The homogeneous frame is maximized in length given the coast configuration, meaning that smaller islands are recorded in one frame, and longer/larger sections grouped in logical entities. The cadre is always one-quarter sea; this screen space can later be used for presentation of information. Approximately 100 m of coastline fit into each frame. All recordings are in current, state-of-the-art HD format and technology and then stored in Rijeka State Archives and Institute of Hydro-graphic Institute of Croatia in Split. Following completion of the project, materials are intended to have great comparative value, allowing parallels between the current state and the one recorded.


The project scope is defined to recording the Croatian side / coast of the Adriatic. The entire coast of Adriatic is 7.912km (4272Nm), with 5835 km (3150 Nm) belong to Croatia (coast and islands). The land coast part is 1.777 km (959 Nm) while the island coast totals to 4.058 (2.191 Nm) of the coast.

The ratio thereof is referred to as coastal indentation and equals 11, positioning Croatian coast very high among indentation indexes; comparatively, the entire Adriatic coast has the ratio of 6.1. There are over 1100 islands, isles, reefs and rocks in the Croatian sea, 45 inhabited. Consequently, 400 hours of filming are needed to record 3150 Nm of the coast at speed of 8 knots. Recording 4 hours per day, it would take 100 days to document the whole coast.


Besides offering value of future insight to our grandchildren – so they can witness even in the next century what we borrowed from them, today these materials have the following purpose and uses:

ObalaNet - on-line library of low-resolution materials available to all audiences

ObalaVideo  - enables viewing high-resolution videos on media such as DVD, BRD (Blue ray Disc) or some upcoming technology

ObalaPromo – - ouse of materials for tourism and economic promotion of the coastal area by marketing, advertising and other agencies

ObalaTV – - offer of recorded materials to TV companies as channel program in night (no-program), via IPTV as MaxTV and others


This project is envisioned as a conceptual message to society, through space but also time. As it is not possible for an individual or a small group to independently carry out all the necessary elements, participation of and collaboration with wider communities or project supporters is key to realizing the project. Besides greatly appreciated financial participation in the project, non-monetary contributions in form of equipment or services are also welcome. One such great example is the sailboat rental we received from „ANA“ - sailing school. Other possibilities are providing IT infrastructure for webpage support (servers for streaming, network access purchase, recording pre-coding devices, etc.) or equipment for recording, as was already done by Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia, being one of the first who recognized the significance of this project.

We therefore invite you all to contact us and get more information and participate.